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The children we welcome into our care are generally considered to have needs in the areas of physical-motor, mental, emotional and/or social impairments – you can see some of the colors of the diagnostic palette below:

  •   Speech or language disorder
  •   Developmental disorder of school skills (reading and spelling disorder / dyslexia / dyscalculia)
  •   Disorder of social behavior
  •   Hyperkinetic disorder (ADD / ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder))
  •   Autism spectrum disorders (early childhood autism, atypical autism, Asperger’s syndrome)

    Whether a specialist diagnosis is available or not, we look at each protégé as an individual, always take any abnormalities and concerns seriously and are happy to advise you on the best way forward, including state-funded support.

Every child’s special needs manifest themselves in an individual way – it is precisely these needs that need to be examined against the different developmental backgrounds and discussed together to what extent EducationHelp can lend you a helping hand. Talk to us!

Helping children to help themselves – EducationHelp would like to give your child the opportunity to participate in the daily routine and natural play activities on an equal footing with the help of our support services and help them to build up confidence in their own abilities and knowledge.

The following tasks are linked to the intention of helping your child to develop their individual potential in the best possible way:

Support with the organization of everyday life at the facility

    • Assistance with the implementation of play and learning content

    • Support with practical life challenges (eating / changing / going to the toilet)

    • Help with the use of mobility aids (wheelchair, rollator or other walking aids)

    • Promoting a bond with the reference group

    • Help with organizing social contacts

    • Partner and mouthpiece for resolving crisis situations

    • Support in the leisure sector

    • Accompaniment during activities at the facility and excursions

These objectives, which have been agreed with you in advance in cooperation with the relevant authorities, naturally vary depending on your own needs and are regularly reviewed in the context of help plan discussions once they have been agreed in line with your needs.

In addition, our qualified specialists or motivated career changers always fulfill the following requirements

Your role as a link between the teachers, the reference group and you – a close exchange is very important to us.

The costs are covered regardless of income and, as a form of integration assistance in accordance with §§ 99 ff SGB IX and § 35 a SGB VIII, are fully guaranteed by the responsible social welfare authorities – our support services are therefore completely free of charge for you.

Further information on the application process and the general conditions can be found HERE.

EducationHelp looks after you and your child from A to Z. We first offer you an open door for comprehensive parent counseling and then stand by your side throughout the entire application process as a partner who accompanies you to the goal of successful communication with the authorities.

As part of forming a partnership, our mentors undergo an extensive screening and matching process following numerous training courses or further training in order to be able to provide an ideal mentor for your protégé with regard to their support goals.

While we are constantly working on the development process and our focus is on maintaining a high level of safety and quality, we take care of your emotional concerns – we are always ready to listen to you.

As a long-term and close cooperation is important to us, we would like to act as a link between all parties involved to ensure that all possible resources are mobilized for the best possible future for your child – use us as a valuable opportunity.

We are delighted that you are reaching out to us together with your protégé.

In order to take advantage of our parental advice and support with the application process, we would ask you to either fill out our contact form below or contact us directly by phone or e-mail – WE ARE THERE FOR YOU.


You can download all the important information about school and individual support here.

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