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Are you socially committed and enjoy working with people?

Do you have a passion for supporting children and young people with special needs?

Are you looking for part-time work or a mini-job?

As specialists in the field of school and individual support, we would like to give you the opportunity to become part of our important mission.

Below we answer the most important questions about your new job:

As an individual or school companion, you take on the important role of providing structure and guidance and protecting a child’s special needs – without losing sight of the goal of long-term independence.

The following tasks are linked to the intention of helping this child to develop its individual potential in the best possible way:

    • Support with the organization of everyday life at the facility

    • Guidance and promotion of independence

    • Strengthening self-awareness, individual abilities and social-emotional skills

    • Assistance with the implementation of play and learning content

    • Support with practical life challenges

    • Help with the use of mobility-related aids 

    • Support with interactions with peers

    • Promoting a bond with the reference group

    • Help with organizing social contacts

    • Partner and mouthpiece for resolving crisis situations

    • Support in the leisure sector

    • Accompaniment during activities at the facility and excursions

The objectives, which are agreed in advance with the parents/guardians, vary according to need and are reviewed in regular consultations – your observations and perceptions of the child’s well-being play an important role here. As a link between the parents and teachers, you play an important role in the development of your child.

The location depends on the institution that the child to be cared for attends. During the coordination and selection phase, we naturally do our best to take the distance to your current place of residence into account and keep it as short as possible. Time is our most valuable asset and we try to avoid long journeys wherever possible.

Their working hours are usually based on the opening hours of the facility, the child’s attendance times or the class schedule.

The closing or vacation days during which you can enjoy your free time vary between kindergartens, daycare centers or schools – together with you, we plan your working hours in advance to give you as much flexibility as possible.

The number of vacation days you take depends on the number of days you work each week. We will determine these together with you during the recruitment process as soon as a suitable allocation has been made.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide exact information on this in advance – the remuneration depends on your qualifications and relevant previous knowledge and must be considered individually.

For us, appropriate remuneration for taking on a great cause is a matter of course.


All the important information about the job as a school and individual tutor at EducationHelp is summarized here.

Application form

Interested in working with us? Send us your relevant application documents – alternatively you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

We look forward to receiving your application and your initiative – let’s fill a child’s stage of life with empathy and joy together.